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Creative and Innovation House of World Economy newspaper unveiled; Parviz Karami: Creative and innovative houses are the source of developments in the field of soft technologies and industries

The unveiling ceremony of the creative and innovation house of Donya-e-Eqtesad newspaper was held in the presence of the head for the center and the secretary of the soft technologies and development of creative industries headquarters and a group of activists in the field of ecology.

The media company of the world of economy, in line with new activities and in line with current knowledge and to use soft technologies in the field of media, established a creative and innovation house. In this ceremony, a memorandum of understanding for creating a creative house and innovation in the world of economy was also signed with the headquarters of soft technologies and creative industries development of the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology.


We have to use modern technologies and innovations

Parviz Karami, Head of the Center and Head of Soft Technologies and Creative Industries Development Headquarters, expressed his satisfaction with the arrival of media companies in the world of economy such as Fars and Mehr news agencies and Hamshahri and Jamjam newspapers in the field of creating creative and innovation houses. We must use the latest technologies and innovations to succeed in our work

Pointing to the fact that media activities and media productions are no longer possible, Parviz Karami continued: "As many sciences have become interdisciplinary sciences, news production for audiences and media productions must use new technologies." We can no longer have media and media firms and no longer use technologies such as augmented reality and blockchain virtual reality, NFT, and soft technologies in content production.

The Advisor  to Vice President of Science and Technology continued: "We can not approach the future that Metaverse promises in the world without being able to use the connections, software, and capabilities we need to enter this world." Blockchains, cryptocurrencies, artificial intelligence, IT, intelligence software, and products made through the media to personalize and better use the audience are all in the world before us. This will not happen unless everyone comes together and figures out the event.


The idea-to-product process is completed in the heart of the creative and innovative home of the world of economics.

The head of the center and the secretary of the soft technologies and development of creative industries headquarters stated that the creative and innovation house is next to the centers and factories of innovation, production, and the birth of knowledge-based and creative companies to fulfill and meet the needs, said: The subject became aware and created this creative and innovative house for students and people with ideas to come and the idea-to-product chain under the supervision of mentors and investors and the acceleration process in an environment prepared for cultivating these talents and the idea-to-product process. Complete creativity and innovation are at the heart of this house.

"We do training and empowerment for product and market development and production and sales in a chain called the ecosystem of technology and innovation," Parviz Karami said. We are ready to turn an idea into a marketing product, distribute sales, and export. Creative and innovative houses in the field of soft technologies, innovation centers in the field of medicine and agriculture, and innovation factories in the field of technical and engineering industries now have this role; The role that the government and government organizations have played until yesterday, but this sector should be left to the people and the private sector.

Adviser to the Vice President of Science and Technology, noting that universities do not produce goods anywhere in the world, said: "Production of science, theory and human resources development takes place in the hearts of universities, but products and services take place in the hearts of creative companies and knowledge-based.". Innovative and innovative houses, innovation centers, and factories are the link between the production of science and the production of products and services in society, and if something is to happen in the field of creative economics and knowledge-based, it will happen through these centers, including creative and innovative houses.

The country's innovation ecosystem serves to improve people's lives

Also in this ceremony, Mohammad Reza Hakami, Chairman of the Policy Council of the Creative House and Innovation of Donya-e-Eqtesad newspaper, described the country's innovation ecosystem as a step forward in improving the lives of Iranians and added: "Innovation ecosystems create values in Iranian society." And for this reason, the world of economics is trying to create a credible bridge between traditional and industrial economics and innovative economics by creating this creative and innovative house. It is in this way that we need new investments and ideas.

Services to creative companies are increasing

Mohammadi, the director of the House of Economy and Innovation of the World of Economy, pointed out that before the opening of this house, we have done some things, including accepting creative companies and preparing spaces, and said: Facilitate the process of investing and investing, investing and business consulting, services to creative companies, strategic partnerships and event and training mentioned.

At the end of the ceremony, Parviz Karami and Bakhtiari, the director of the World Economy Company, signed the launch of the House of Economy and Innovation in the presence of technology ecology activists.

Also in this ceremony, the CEOs of ecological companies such as Shenasa, Iran Venture Capital Association, Technotejarat, Star Wealth Management, Afrinesh Venture Capital, and Leap Innovation Center expressed their views.

Communication and Information Center of the Vice Presidency of  Science and Technology


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