رونق تولید
Today : Thursday Aug 11 2022

Dear Clients;

Hereby, the service level agreement of the website of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs will be communicated to the esteemed clients:

1.      This website is equipped with the possibility of registering and following up your requests and complaints by referring to the Q&A section or the “Contact Us” section, or by registering complaints through the complaint registration system full time and in seven days a week and 24 hours a day.

2.      Service desk response area has been established to guide and inform the clients about electronic and non-electronic services. In addition, you can refer to the “Contact the Vice President and Other Fields” on webpage “Communication with Authorities”.

3.      This website is available full time if the necessary telecommunication infrastructure is established. Any technical problem and violation will be notified.

4.      Portal Update Instructions

Portal interfaces must observe the following: these items are compiled based on SEO indicators and website ranking promotion tips in Google, Yahoo, Alexa search engines.

1)                 Title

Select a descriptive title encompassing five-eight of your website’s keywords.

Note that the existence of Persian words with Unicode Standard is identified by Google search engine. Put the most important keywords on your site at the top of your site title.

Please note the following when inserting your title:

- Include keywords of the content and images of the page.

- Do not use commas.

- Make sure that the title is grammatically correct and not just a combination of words.

- Do not use words that are prohibited by engines.

- ALT tag when inserting an image: make sure to include the title box when inserting the image and link. This allows a replacement for your text so that the text in the alt tag is shown if your image is not observed for any reason.

2. Description Tag

The description includes 25-30 words that are shown below the URL in search engines. Therefore, try to provide a description that shows the content of your website.

3. Mutual Connection

Search engines, especially Google, are sensitive to your number of connections and consider them in ranking your website.

- Create a “Useful Links” webpage and connect yourself to similar website, especially those with a good ranking in search engines.

- Ask other websites to refer to your website.

4. Inserting the website’s keywords

Search engines greatly value this part and consider it in ranking of your system. Separate keywords with a comma; by doing so, a variety of keywords will be included in your site's keywords at the very least.

-       The ratio of keywords to other words on a page is called the density of keywords. For example, if you have 100 words on a page and four of them are keywords on your site, the keyword density of that page is 4%.

Try to set a density of about 3-20 percent for important keywords on your site.

- Choose a combination of keywords.

- Write words that are more searched by search engines.

- Make sure to separate the keywords with commas.

- Choose the keywords from the same page.

- Write the title of the page in the keywords.

5. Page Footer Notes 

- Make sure to change your website’s footer and write the format below the page.

- Address: Tehran, address of the headquarter

- Telephone (entered with the code), Email: from isti.ir.

- All rights are reserved by the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs and the content of the website can be shared by citing the website’s address.

6. Connection between pages

- Work on your content pages in such a way that the person who enters that page in any way will not be able to exit (increase the time people spend on your site).

- Use in-page links so that the site visitor does not use the Back and Forward buttons of the software.

7. Notes for Changing Files into PDFs

One way to increase the retrieval of information on a website by search engines is to enrich the content files. PDF content that is extracted from other formats (such as word, power point, etc.) should have the following conditions:

1.      Make sure the fonts used in the word file are standard before converting the word file to PDF.

2.      Use standard tools to convert the files into PDFs that can support Farsi fonts.

3.      The text of the PDF files must have the potential to be searched by in-text search tools such as Acrobat software.

8. Size of Files

Files uploaded to the site should be compressed and less than 25 MB in size.

9. Make sure to use <h..> tags.

The h tag enables search engines to better understand the content of the website. To apply this feature, select the text of your page from CMS headings in order of importance.

- Do not use the tag in a page more than twice. Make sure to use it for important titles.

- Do not include all text of the page in these tags and only use the tags for important content and titles.

10. Contact Us page… (contact with…)

Some search engines, especially Yahoo, will not list your site if your mailing address is not on the site. Be sure to include the postal address on the site, just posting the mailbox address is not enough. Enter your contact phone number and address. Also, use the following pattern to put the information of the people in each unit.


Full name


Telephone number









11. Language

The main language of all ports is Farsi. Home page and main input page must be uploaded in Farsi. In multilingual portals, users should be able to change the language on all pages.

12. General Text Formatting 



Primary title

Tahoma 14 B

Secondary title

Tahoma 12 B

Content color


Text of paragraphs

Tahoma 12

List contents

Numbered and non-numbered lists

Text alignment

Justify, Direction: RTL

English texts

Time New Roman 14

شخصی سازی

انتخاب رنگ

اندازه فونت