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Today : Thursday Aug 11 2022
Service information
  • Service name : Supporting the commercialization of technological projects
  • Service code : 1301608000
  • Kind of service :
  • Service time : office hours
About service

Commercialization of technology is supported to develop the knowledge-based economy with the goal of eliminating the strategic needs of the country using the methods of granting facilities to commercialization projects of companies and planning, recognizing, approving, implementing and monitoring product-based projects based on strategic and prioritized technologies of the country with the help of the private sector and related government units. The Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs recognizes and evaluates the technological projects with commercialization ability and support some of the selected projects in different provinces and universities in the form of providing financial facilities and coordinating between government organizations and knowledge-based companies.

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Contact with the Service Officer

Contact with the Service Officer

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