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Today : Thursday Aug 11 2022
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  • Service name : Strategic technologies laboratory network
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The basis for the achievement of new technologies is performing planned, regular, and applicable research, which necessitates access to advanced and standard laboratory equipment. Despite large investments in purchase of advanced equipment and formation various laboratories in Iran, researchers have always faced problems in access to proper laboratory services due to the inefficiency of service providing system of these laboratories. In addition, there has always been demand for the purchase of new equipment. To manage this issue, one of the implementable strategies is forming a comprehensive network of laboratory abilities of the country in the field of strategic and advanced technologies. The coverage of this network includes service laboratories and does not include research and education laboratories. In addition to laboratory centers of various ministries and government organizations, this network encompasses the laboratories of the private sector. Laboratory units affiliated with various research institutes and higher education institutions, such as universities and research centers, can operate on this network.

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Contact with the Service Officer

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