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Today : Thursday Aug 11 2022

Over the past two decades, significant achievements have been made in the field of science and technology by planning, making efforts and coordinating among various government and society sections. In this regard, one of the accomplishments of the country is the increasing growth and attaining top global ranks in the area of science production, formation and strengthening of science and research support units and creation of the necessary human, technical and knowledge infrastructures. If the recent achievements are recognized as the “first generation of a scientific and technological leap” of the country, now is the time to accurately use the capacity and ability created and pave the way for achieving knowledge-based economy and economy of resistance. In fact, we must move toward the “second generation of a scientific and technological leap”, which is making efforts, planning, and policy-making for producing wealth from science, research, technology, and innovation. Raise of issues such as the knowledge-based economy and economy of resistance has shown the necessity of a balanced view toward technology and innovation supply and demand and emphasis on effective policies in the field of science, technology and innovation. Creating wealth through commercialization of studies performed, marketing technological products and exporting knowledge-based products, and benefiting from the capacities created in the main body of the economy of the country, especially in critical sections, all require precise planning. However, policy-makers in this area must pay special attention to the balance between supply-side policies and stimulating policies of the demand side and marketing. In other words, excessive emphasis on each of these two dimensions will prevent achieving a knowledge-based economy and, consequently, an economy of resistance in the country. In this regard, the Vice-Presidency has considered policy-making and developing various programs as the primary issues of this field.


Creating and enhancing the political intelligence in the national and global arena through the National Prospective Program and the comprehensive system of monitoring information on science and technology in the country, stimulating demand and marketing for knowledge-based products and developing the production of these products and services through the use of the capacity of managed markets of the country, connecting knowledge-based companies and institutes to the main body of the economy and the executive agencies of the country, protecting the national market of knowledge-based products, identifying the challenge of large technology companies in the development of the production of knowledge-based products and making efforts to remove barriers are issues followed up by the policy and strategic assessment affairs headquarter for the second generation of scientific, technological, and innovative leap.

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