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Travel to Alborz and Qazvin Two national technology master plans were unveiled; Meet the internal need for control valves and hybrid seeds

Two major national technology projects were unveiled in the presence of Vice President of Science and Technology Sorena Sattari to be another step towards self-sufficiency.

In the first part of the provincial trip to Alborz and Qazvin, the Vice President of Science and Technology went to Rasta Industrial Knowledge Development and Production Company and visited the production line of the control valve position control device.

The Vice President of Science and Technology visited the production line of this product by attending this knowledge-based company, and a sample of the product was tested and controlled in the presence of Sattari.

Sattari also visited another product of the company, which is used for the national oil transfer project from Gore to Jask.

During the visit, the Vice President of Science and Technology emphasized the law on maximum use of internal power.

Sorena Sattari, Vice President of Science and Technology, said during the visits: "The technology and innovation ecosystem of this province has high diversity and good potential." The knowledge-based companies in this province are very diverse and powerful. These collections have a high capacity to meet the needs of large companies and service seekers.

Sattari added: I have traveled to Alborz province many times and I am closely acquainted with the efforts made by knowledge-based and creative companies. Large companies with high production volume, high employment rate and significant investment.

The head of the National Elite Foundation, referring to the help of provincial managers and officials for the development of knowledge-based companies, said: "With their efforts, these groups have experienced acceptable growth." These companies have been able to attract customers from large government collections with their quality and desirable products.

The Vice President for Science and Technology also stated: Alborz province is always of interest to us due to its special features and hosting of large knowledge-based and creative companies, and I have visited it many times to check the progress of knowledge-based activities and visit its achievements.

In the continuation of this trip, Sattari visited the production line of the national master plan of hybrid seed production technology of vegetable and summer plants of Danesh Bonyan Pishgaman Crop Development Company.

  Communication and Information Center in the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology

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