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Travel to Alborz and Qazvin Exploitation of the national project "Cheshmeh Noor Iran" with a credit of 100 billion Tomans; Sattari: This project contributes to the scientific development of the country in various fields

The building of the laboratory complex for research and development of Iran Cheshmeh Noor project was put into operation in the presence of the Vice President of Science and Technology.

This national project was inaugurated following the visit of Vice President of Science and Technology Sorena Sattari to Alborz and Qazvin provinces.

Iran's Cheshmeh Noor project, also known as the National Accelerator, uses various nuclear radiations with multiple scientific applications to conduct research, scientific and exploration projects by scientists and experts in various fields.

Cheshmeh Noor is basically a large scientific laboratory and will be used by hundreds of scientists and researchers in various scientific fields including medicine, physics, chemistry, electronics, pharmacy and agriculture.

During the inauguration of the center's buildings, Seyyed Mohammad Hassan Abutorabifard, interim Friday Imam of Tehran, Ali Akbar Salehi, head of the Atomic Energy Organization, Mohammad Javad Larijani, director of the Basic Sciences Research Institute, and several officials and representatives of Qazvin province in parliament, accompanied the Vice President of Science and Technology.

Sorena Sattari, Vice President of Science and Technology, continued her one-day trip to Alborz and Qazvin provinces and also visited the company of Sedna Danesh Bonyan Energy Temperature Systems in Caspian Industrial Town of Qazvin.

On the sidelines of visiting the knowledge-based companies located in this industrial town, the head of the Culture-Building Economy and Development of Soft and Creative Industries said: "The number of knowledge-based and creative companies has reached 7,000 and they have been able to create a very positive change in various production areas in the country."

The Vice President of Science and Technology added: "The establishment of science and technology parks, like what we are witnessing today in Qazvin, is the development of the innovation ecosystem in the country, and its tangible effects and results can be seen now."
 According to Sattari, we have already funded large projects such as the Cheshmeh Noor Research Center. This super project is one of the largest scientific and research projects in the region that will be implemented in Qazvin. We have allocated 100 billion tomans of credit for this great national project and we hope it will be operational in the next 8 years.

He said: "After launching this project, it will become a center for hundreds of scientists in various fields and will greatly contribute to the scientific development of the country in various fields, including medicine and industry."

 Following his visit to Qazvin province, the head of the National Elite Foundation also inaugurated a gearbox innovation center. Eight knowledge-based companies with the presence of 100 engineers and researchers are working in this innovation center affiliated with the propulsion parts manufacturing company.

After the unveiling of this center, Sattari also visited the proposed location of Qazvin Innovation Factory in Alborz Technical and Vocational Center and Zar Nakh Knowledge-Based Factory in Tehran.

Inauguration of the province's non-governmental research and technology fund, the unveiling of Qazvin innovation network, the inauguration of the park's intellectual property center and pilot of Reno e-waste recycling line, attending the parkland transfer ceremony and participating in the meeting of Qazvin province's resistance economy headquarters are other one-day travel plans. It is a star

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