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The summer issue of the Creative Ecology Quarterly has been published

The scientific and specialized quarterly of Creative Ecology was published by the headquarters of soft technologies and identity building, especially for the summer of 2021.

The year 2021 has been named as the "International Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development" and is the title chosen by the quarterly headline council for the cover of this journal.

Parviz Karami, Secretary of the Soft and Identity Technologies Headquarters and Editor-in-Chief of the Quarterly, writes in the editorial of this issue, referring to the importance of the creative economy, that the soft and creative industries have the potential to produce 30 million jobs and $ 2.250 trillion in international value added. Then he asked the question, what is our country's share of this number and how can Iran's share be received from it.

 The monthly news for the development of soft and creative industries has formed a significant increase in the quantity and quality of creative companies and other specialized topics, including the content of the news in the summer issue.

In another part of this quarterly, the spring performance report of 2021 creative industries working groups is presented and it includes statistically significant points from the activities of the country's creative companies.

"Explaining the Innovation Model in the Tourism Industry", "Explaining the Innovation Model in the Toy Industry", "Key Innovations in Handicrafts", are the titles of the main articles of the new issue of the Creative Ecology Quarterly.

The introduction of several creative companies and cultural industries can also be seen in this issue.

 Also, several interviews and reports on the activities of creative industry activists have been published in this quarterly. Interested parties can refer to the website of the Secretariat for Ecological Development of Creative Companies for more information and to download the PDF file of this publication.

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