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The latest journal of Pardis Technology Park introduced the achievements of Made in Iran

In the latest issue of the Digital Journal of Pardis Technology Park, the Vice President of Science and Technology, events, exhibitions and technological achievements in the last season have been published digitally and made available to the audience.

In this issue of Pardis Technology Park Journal, in addition to addressing the capabilities of technology activists based in Pardis Innovation Area, the visit of the Speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf to the achievements of knowledge-based companies located in Pardis Technology Park, the presence of Ayatollah Dr. Seyed Ebrahim Raisi The closing of Inotex 2021 exhibition and the presence of representatives from 21 countries has been considered.

Also, the details of holding the policy meeting of the 11th Mustafa (PBUH) Award and adopting supportive approaches in this festival were other topics that have been discussed in this issue of the electronic journal of the Pardis Technology Park.

The Iranian drug Saliravira, which is made up of nasal sprays, mouth sprays, inhalers and oral tablets, was produced by a knowledge-based company to help control coronary heart disease and was unveiled at the Vice President for Science and Technology. Pardis technology has been considered.

In the spring issue of this journal, which can be downloaded through the Pardis Technology Park website of the Vice Presidenncy of Science and Technology, you can read a variety of articles in the field of the latest achievements of knowledge-based and creative companies based in the park, topics of supporting eco-innovation activists and support Study the export and marketing of these products and the call to support and attract innovative ideas in the Pardis innovation ecosystem.

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