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Sattari: Development is a cultural thing and everyone must come to the field to achieve it

The Vice President of Science and Technology, in a meeting of the Qazvin Resistance Economy Headquarters, called development a cultural thing, the realization of which requires the efforts of all officials and the private sector.

 Sorena Sattari, Vice President of Science and Technology, said at the meeting of the resistance economy of Qazvin province: "Every time I come to Qazvin province, I subconsciously remember Shahid Babaei and his friendship with my father." Shahid Babaei, despite being the Deputy Chief of Operations and should not have carried out operational flights, especially overseas flights, could not bear it and was personally present on the front lines.

 The head of the National Elites Foundation added: "Among the memories of that time, I remember that my father behind the phone on that night of Eid al-Ghorban, which was the night of his ascension, urged him not to" jump "and not to fly." My father used to tell Shahid Babaei that I felt bad tonight.

Sattari continued: I remember, when the news of the martyrdom of Shahid Babaei was given to my father, he, despite being a very strong and powerful army officer and I had not seen him disturbed during the whole war, suddenly collapsed and cried. Shahid Babaei is a real role model for all of us, if we want to serve properly.

 Emphasizing on the qualitative and quantitative development of the innovation ecosystem in the country, the Vice President of Science and Technology added: "I myself once thought that development is a physical matter, and the more cement we pour and the more chimneys we build, the more development occurs." Some countries, such as Japan, initially followed this line of thinking. Until the world came to the conclusion that development is a software and multifaceted process.

Sattari stressed the need to achieve sustainable development: From the first days of the formation of the ecosystem of knowledge-based economy, the formation of the ecosystem of this area in the country was emphasized. Since then, we have been challenged by various institutions for defending the private sector and their crucial role. But these efforts paid off and now we have reached a point where the sales of knowledge-based and creative companies have reached 300 thousand billion Tomans.

 During his one-day visit, the Vice President of Science and Technology unveiled various plans and projects created with the support of the Vice President. Inauguration and launch of Cheshmeh Noor (National Accelerator) large super project, establishment of Qazvin Research and Technology Non-Governmental Fund, establishment of Gearbox Innovation Center, opening of electronic waste production line, opening of production line of Iranian payment terminals and several other innovative projects are among the achievements of this trip.

Communication and Information Center in the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology

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