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Revolution of Innovation and Talent Economics

Parviz Karami; Secretary of the Culture and Knowledge-Based Economy and Development of Soft and Creative Industries Headquarters

Sometimes, I think about some of the TV commercials I watch for a long time. Of course, not because of the appeal or creativity of these ads, but because of the answer to a "why?". I say to myself, if a foreigner or a little-informed and ignorant person wants to find out from these advertisements the type and amount of production, creativity, technology and development of our industries, how poor and impoverished he will see us.

Some of these products, which are frequently advertised, are so rudimentary and insignificant that there is no reaction to it except surprise. Then the "why?" It begins to spin in our brains as to why, with all these capabilities and possibilities, we should see the promotion of goods that are neither of everyday or essential needs nor of a high degree of creative and technological credibility. One of the bad habits in this advertisement is that they want to sell their goods as much as possible by force of rewards and financial promises. While people are aware and quality and creativity are important to them, not awards and colors and glazes.

I take a look at the list of Iranian creative and knowledge-based companies. They are close to ten thousand. That is, they produce at least ten thousand technological, creative and innovative products. Among them, if it is impossible for only one percent of them to be able to advertise, it will be at least 100 products. So, where are these? Why don't we see the pride of our country in the media? These are the essence of our young and dynamic society.

Here, culture and art are the cure for the event. Fortunately, a talented minister seeking innovation is now in charge of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance. I am talking about Mohammad Mehdi Ismaili. I know that he is restless and hard working to show what he has in the field of culture and art, cultural industries and creative economy. Another of our ministers, whom I know will be very influential, and with his worldview, he will fall under the table of lethargy, laziness and lack of work in this field. Minister of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts; Ezat Zarghami His background in the field of culture and media, and now his presence in the field of cultural heritage, tourism and handicrafts, which is directly related to cultural and creative industries, has doubled my hope for the situation to improve. With the knowledge that I have of the directors of the media, and especially of the Radio and Television Organization, I know that they, too, are smiling at the new word.

Well, everything is ready. The ecology of innovation and creative industries has taken root everywhere in Islamic Iran and every day, there are thousands of events and decisions to join it. Special accounts can also be opened on other ministers and heads of relevant organizations. Because we now have the "National Document for the Development of Cultural and Soft Technologies" on the agenda, which is supposed to bring together 22 ministries, institutions and organizations under one umbrella and headquarters, and with the executive help of "Creative Homes and Innovation", whistle the train of creative and innovative companies and the formation of the "creative economy" sounded.

On the other hand, with the help of the esteemed members of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, a special role has been considered for "creative companies" in the Production Boost Law. Knowledge-based and creative companies and young and motivated owners who are numerous and working. Now it is time to reach a consensus and move towards the bright days of "we can" and "strong Iran". To achieve that ideal, we need an "innovation revolution." This means that all aspects and structural dimensions of the country must change their approach to creativity. As a result, our economy is enriched by creativity and rents and intermediation lag behind. Our industries, with the approaches of our rich culture of thousands of years, are becoming indigenous and gaining astonishing dynamism. Therefore, innovation and innovation in all fields and areas becomes a demand and a culture for the realization of "creative economy" in the country.

You know that culture works and overcomes even the most difficult things. On the other hand, we have a lot of young, creative and professional talents in the country. The talents that friend and foe, near and far neighbor, all have their eyes on and wish to have. In order to make the best use of these talents, we need to incorporate their capabilities into the country's economic cycle more than ever. The context and timing of this work is now ready. As I said before, the activity of 10,000 knowledge-based and creative companies is what we can use to build a "talent economy." These companies are the place where our talents are attracted, gathered, displayed and displayed. All of these come together within the ecology of innovation and creative industries, forming an elite network and a world of will and action, and the manifestation of the verse (how many small groups, by God's command, overcame great groups). If we ask this group, they can move the mountains for us; Mountains that disturb the economy, industry, trade, development and cultural industries.

There is another important point; According to the World Economic Forum, in the next few years, we will have extensive changes in the field of jobs, and due to the development of technology, technological products are constantly coming to market and replacing a number of devices and people. Accordingly, some jobs are lost over time and some are unemployed. But we are a country with a rich and strong culture and civilization. Therefore, with the necessary training and skills and benefiting from our native experiences, in the face of future employment risks, We can build platforms and infrastructures that not only prevent the loss of some jobs, but also give them a global and popular position with creative and innovative approaches in the field of cultural industries, and create jobs and wealth. We provide a more dramatic boost.

So now, everything is ready to do great things and change the climate of the country for the benefit of the people. The field is ready; Innovative and creative ecosystem. Sorena Sattari, Vice President of Science and Technology, along with the knowledge of foundations and startups, is moving forward with her long thinking and tireless spirit. Optimistic and fresh officials have also entered the field. People are waiting. The headquarters of soft technologies and development of soft and creative industries are also in service.

Communication and Information Center in the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology

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