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Opening of the fourth house of technology innovation and export of Iran Construction; Conditions of activity were facilitated for scholars in Russia

Iran-Made Technology Innovation and Export House opened in Russia. Scholars and creators enjoy the software and hardware services of this place.

Today, in the presence of Mehdi Ghalehnavi, Director of the International Science and Technology Interaction Center of the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology, Kazem Jalali, Ambassador of Iran to Russia, and Sirous Vatankhah, Director of the Presidential Center for Transformation and Development, the 4th Iranian Innovation and Technology House will be opened. Increase technological interactions between them.

Previously, China, Kenya and Syria hosted the House of Technology Innovation and Export of Iran, and today, with the opening of this center in the best commercial and economic point of Moscow, the number of these houses of Innovation and Export reached 4, so that despite sanctions, Iran's technological interactions with Other countries should be developed and the specialized and knowledge capabilities of Iranians should reach the world markets.

This house was set up in Russia by the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology and with the participation of the private sector, Iranians living in Russia as agents of the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology and the interaction of the Iranian Embassy and Counseling Office in Russia.

The opening of the Iranian Innovation and Export House, made in this country, facilitates the export of our country's products to Russia. This house provides the technological and innovative achievements of Iranian scholars with this country.

A center that can be a bridge for selling quality products based on providing knowledge such as "providing private and shared workspace", "showroom" and "providing software services such as market research and marketing to knowledge-based and creative companies" In the Russian market.


Communication and Information Center in the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology

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