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Development of emerging technologies in Sistan and Baluchestan; Zahedan Innovation Factory opened

During his visit to Sistan and Baluchestan, the Vice President for Science and Technology visited the progress of the construction of the Innovation Tower of the University in this province.

Sorena Sattari, Vice President of Science and Technology, traveled to Sistan and Baluchestan Province at the beginning of Government Week to review the progress of development and technology projects. During this trip, Sattari went to the university of this province as one of the actors in the technology and innovation ecosystem of the province to closely monitor the progress of the construction project of the innovation tower of this university. At present, the project is 40% complete and 8,000 square meters of space is to be provided for the establishment of knowledge-based and creative companies and startup teams.

The tower hosts all knowledge-based and creative companies working in the field of emerging technologies. Sistan and Baluchestan University Innovation Tower is a roof for gathering large and start-up companies that can meet zero to one hundred needs and receive a variety of specialized services.

Sattari also inaugurated Building 2 of its Innovation Center at the university.

New buildings were added to the Health Development Center of Zahedan University of Medical Sciences.

Inauguration of new buildings of Health Development Center of Zahedan University of Medical Sciences is another star program in the second part of this trip.

Also, in the continuation of this trip, the Innovation Ecology Development Hub in the southeast of the country was inaugurated with the presence of Sattari to provide a space for the establishment of knowledge-based and creative companies. The factory is supposed to bring together skilled young people and accelerate the process of local production.

 The opening by the video conference for the Innovation Center of Farrokhi Sistani Technical and Vocational School in Zabol, the Innovation Center of Saravan Higher Education Complex, the Innovation Center of Chabahar International University, the Development and Commercialization Center of Chabahar, the Innovation Center of Chabahar University of Maritime and Marine Sciences is the end of this day trip.

Communication and Information Center in the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology

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