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Depoint Home Appliance Innovation and Acceleration Center launched; Sattari: The Vice President of Science and Technology supports the development of innovation in the country; The spirit of Iranian culture and identity must dominate the products

With the presence of Sorena Sattari, Vice President of Science and Technology, and Seyed Javad Sadati Nejad, Chairman of the Agriculture Commission of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, the "Depot" Innovation and Acceleration Center was inaugurated.

Depoint Innovation and Acceleration Center started its activities as a leading and knowledge-based center with the theme of developing innovative home appliance products by creating synergy and a constructive atmosphere among academic elites, startup teams and industrial elites.

 During the visit, the Vice President of Science and Technology pointed out that industry is different from factory ownership, and said: "We should try to become the owner of industry instead of becoming a factory owner." That is, its design and production line belong to us. In this case, the country needs specialists and technology.

Sattari continued: The Iranian spirit that governs the products must be preserved and be a symbol of domestic identity and culture. Innovation, along with it, can play an effective role in introducing Iran's capabilities to the world.

The head of the National Elite Foundation also said: "Innovation should be considered the basis of technological developments, and the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology also supports the development of these innovations in the country." Innovation is achieved with the help of startups. Creative houses pursue the same mission and seek innovation and creativity in the cultural industries.

According to Sattari, the spirit of Iranian culture should be reflected in Iranian products and these products should represent the spirit and culture of our country to the world. At present, one of the needs of the compressor manufacturing industry is that the efforts of "Depoint" group with the production of inverter compressors can be a way forward in this field. Iranianizing products and introducing them to the world can revive the fruitful culture of Iran and introduce it to the world.

Depoint Innovation and Acceleration Center is serious and continuous in creating integrated products using artificial intelligence, IoT, electronics and nanoscience to create a new range of smart and technological products, a new lifestyle and an attractive experience for users.


Communication and Information Center in the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology

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