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Visit of the Presidents of Venezuela and Iran to the Exhibition of Iranian Achievements; Cooperation between knowledge-based companies is developing.

The Presidents of Iran and Venezuela visited the exhibition of capabilities and achievements of Iranian construction experts to develop cooperation in this field.

Following his visits and talks, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, accompanied by our President Ayatollah Seyed Ebrahim Ra'isi, visited the exhibition of the capabilities and achievements of Iranian scholars.

In this exhibition, Iranian products made by a number of knowledge-based companies in the fields of health, food security, oil, gas and petrochemicals are presented.

In the health section of the exhibition, companies active in the manufacture and production of laboratory kits, livestock and poultry vaccines, advanced human drugs and vaccines, biofertilizers and pesticides, CT scans, ventilators, dialysis machines, operating rooms and anesthesia machines presented their latest Iranian achievements.

The presidents of the two countries also closely followed the activities and developments of knowledge-based companies active in the fields of exploration, extraction, petrochemicals and energy supply chain intelligence.

Knowledge-based companies of Behyar Sanat Sepahan, Pishtaz Teb Zaman, Vira Vaccine Shaya, Negin Bazar Danesh, Parsian Bioproduct, Aria Teb Firooz, Sinagen, Naturalist Technology and Pooyandegan Rah-e Saadat were present in this exhibition and presented their Made in Iran products.


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