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Sattari at the meeting for the heads of the provincial elite foundations: the future of the student-based ecosystem is outlined by the law of leapfrog production

The meeting of the heads of the provincial elite foundations was held in the presence of the Vice President for Science and Technology and the head of the National Elites Foundation.

The meeting, which was attended by the heads of the provincial elite foundations, discussed the plans of the National Elite Foundation.

Also presenting the strategies and policies of the National Elites Foundation in the planning of 1401 and various fields was another program of this meeting.

Adoption of the Law of Knowledge-Based Production Leap Law after 3 years of continuous effort

Announcing that there are many plans for transformation in the country, Sorena Sattari, Head of the National Elites Foundation, said: "As soon as you, the heads of the provincial elite foundations, can create a culture of knowledge-based education in your provinces, it is a great event." The law of knowledge-based production leap law came into being after 3 years of continuous efforts with the support and approval of the members of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, which is the direction of the country in the field of knowledge-based for the next 20 years.


Sattari said that the previous law, which was approved in 2008, did not mention the name of the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology, However, today we have been able to establish the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology in various fields, adding: "A serious discussion in this field is culture; This is a category that the foundation can take seriously in many areas. Development is nothing but culture. Development is not the construction of a factory, but it is the culture that develops, and factories and industry are at the bottom of the culture.

The need to promote the elite culture

The Vice President of Science and Technology, stating that my expectation from the provincial heads of the National Elite Foundation is to leave the elite culture in the provinces, added: "This is a very difficult task." There is money and facilities in the private sector that needs to be worked on. You, the heads of the provinces, win as much as you can to bring the general culture of your province to cooperation, interaction, and partnership with the private sector and companies, and you can make significant progress.

The product is the result of private sector investment

Pointing out that we should all try to bring the elite culture into such an atmosphere, Sattari said: "To promote this culture, we should use all the facilities of individuals and institutions in our province, such as Friday prayers imams, university presidents, government officials, and others." Use it to include large industries in the province in knowledge-based projects, because, in this way, you can not get anywhere with money from the government alone. We must remember that the product is the result of private sector investment. The more investment and participation of the private sector in the field of elites, the more we win.

The head of the National Elites Foundation referred to the Shahid Ahmadi-Roshan project and named it as the most important project of this foundation and said: The Shahid Ahmadi-Roshan project is a way for the foundation to communicate with the outside world. It is in the light of these connections that great collaborations and partnerships take place and good things happen. It is under these plans that we have raised a new generation of entrepreneurs and managers in society. Certainly, with will and perseverance, new events occur, the most important manifestation of which is the new culture that is developing in this field.

The role of cultural and creative industries in the law of mutation of knowledge-based production

Referring to Article 6 of this law regarding creative companies and creative and cultural industries, which was approved in the new law, the Vice President of Science and Technology referred to the issue of job creation and wealth creation through the formation of creative and innovation houses in the field of humanities, culture, and art. And emphasized creative industries

Communication and Information Center in the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology


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