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Recognize the two parts that pave the way for an international patent

Inventors have a tortuous path to international patents, which is not only time consuming but also costly.

The Patent Center of the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology has joined the inventors in this direction and provides them with valuable services. The association provides two important supports to technologists, researchers, inventors and knowledge-based companies to register their inventions in reputable foreign offices. The following two supports are introduced.

1.  More than 90% financial support

The association supports inventors to patent first in the United States, then in the PCT, and in China; It also pays more than 90% of the costs. Patent registration is a costly process and in addition it is very difficult Since a patent is a legal issue, the inventor must outsource his work abroad to a lawyer for registration. This requires trust in a lawyer.

But with this action, the center has solved all the problems for researchers and people who want to patent. This also requires referring to the Kanoon website and sending the plan in Persian. All work is done by the center without the involvement of technology. Investigations are carried out by experts who have concluded a non-disclosure agreement with the center and received the necessary training.

 Also, if the knowledge-based company has registered its invention with the support of the association, it can use the support of more than 50% of the association to register in the second country.

2. Specialized patent training

Holding workshops is another support of the center that indirectly leads to the increase and development of patents. In these courses, with the presence of knowledgeable and expert instructors in this field, information is provided to inventors. These workshops are of two categories. One is the weekly webinars that are held every Tuesday, in which technologists get acquainted with important information in the field of intellectual property. 

The center has also set up partner offices in various universities. These offices help researchers send their patent applications to the center. Of course, they also hold workshops for researchers to learn about the importance of patents. So far, 70 partner offices have been set up in different universities of the country.

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