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Made in Iran products in the field of agriculture were displayed; Sattari: Agricultural challenges are being solved with technology

Permanent Exhibition of Export Products Made in Iran was hosted by Sorena Sattari, Vice President of Science and Technology, and Seyed Javad Sadati Nejad, Minister of Jihad for Agriculture.

These Iranian-made achievements are displayed in Hall A37 of the International Exhibition. An exhibition in which 300 knowledge-based companies are present and have presented 800 Iranian-made products. Demonstration of the country's capability and authority in the field of science and technology. This exhibition is held with the support of the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology with the aim of developing exports and showing these achievements of Iran-made and in 11 scientific fields such as water, agriculture, advanced equipment, nanotechnology, biotechnology, medical equipment and information technology can be products. Sight.

In this visit, the agricultural sector and its products were displayed and in it, about 30 knowledge-based companies show their technological achievements in areas such as agricultural drones, livestock and poultry vaccines, breeding, biofertilizer, breeding and production of hybrid seed cultivars, tissue culture, food industry enzymes, digital fruit distribution online store, plant production Pharmaceutical and reference farms displayed. The technological products of all these companies are an effort to develop food security in the country.

The influence of technology in agriculture is increasing

 During the visit, Sorena Sattari thanked the Minister of Jihad for Agriculture and said: "The influence of technology is one of the serious issues in the field of agriculture." The challenges in this area can only be solved with technology.

The Vice President of Science and Technology continued: "For example, problems in the field of water or product development can be solved by expanding new technologies." . Of course, another problem in this area for all countries is how technology penetrates.

Sattari also stated: Because agriculture is one of the most difficult areas to adopt technology, and everyone is accustomed to the traditional nature of this ecosystem and confronts it with innovation.

The head of the culture-building staff of the knowledge-based economy, referring to the programs of the scientific deputy and agricultural jihad, said: We are developing successful methods that have been tested over the years to penetrate technology.

The capability of manpower in the field of agriculture was demonstrated

Seyyed Javad Sadati Nejad, Minister of Jihad for Agriculture, also stated: In this exhibition, we witnessed the development of technological products that have been produced based on the capabilities of the youth, and the Deputy Minister of Science and Technology has also supported their expansion.

 He also said: "In the new period, with the efforts of the Deputy Minister of Science and Technology, activities will proceed more rapidly to witness the penetration of science and technology in the field of agriculture."

 The Minister of Jihad for Agriculture, stating that this event brings with it the production of wealth and quality products, said: Also, with this event, the export of Iranian-made products in the field of agriculture will increase and ultimately increase food security.

Communication and Information Center in the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology

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