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International event; The path of foreign investment in technology is paved

The TIM 2022 International Event is being held and 8 Islamic countries are investing in innovative ideas.

This event will be held on March 2 and 3, 2021, to attract capital of D8 Group member companies and other participating countries on creative companies. .D8tten.com) is until November 20.

Attendance of creative companies in a technology investment meeting

The TIM International Event is a network of technology exchanges and exchanges that is held every year to invest in the fields of technology between 8 Islamic member countries. This event has been held before and appropriate collaborations and investments have been signed between the members during these years.

The event includes various programs such as presenting creative companies to attract capital, specialized panels, training courses, signing memoranda of understanding, concluding joint venture agreements, and visiting the country's technology and innovation ecosystem.

In this period, in addition to investors from member countries, investors from Russia, Syria, Bulgaria, China, Afghanistan, and the presence of investors from other European countries are being followed and consulted.

Holding fundraising meetings

Interested creative companies can register for the event and announce their readiness to attend through the event website. In the next step, the submitted proposals will be screened and verified by the judging panel, then the participants will be selected based on pre-determined priorities and will participate in international preparation training sessions.

At the end of the event, the experiences of the investors present at the exchange meeting and then the business interaction meetings will be held.

Creative companies interested in attracting foreign capital can attend this meeting by presenting their technological products and services with the approach of attracting capital.

 This event will be held on the second and third of March of this year to attract the capital of D8 Group companies and other participating countries on creative companies; Those who are interested have until November 20 to present their designs and products.

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