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Inauguration of Guilan University Innovation Center; Sattari: We support innovative and creative ideas and designs in the field of food security.

The Vice President of Science and Technology, accompanied by the Governor of Gilan, inaugurated the Innovation Center of the University of this province.

Sorena Sattari, Vice President of Science and Technology, has traveled to Gilan province to visit knowledge-based and creative companies, to provide the ground for the development of technology and innovation ecosystem in the province while opening the Innovation Center of Guilan University during the activities of knowledge-based companies and Creative located in that center.

Support for food security projects

Emphasizing the need for knowledge-based companies to enter the field of food supply, the Vice President of Science and Technology said: "We support any project in the field of livestock safety."

"We fully support new ideas in the field of animal feed alternatives," he said. "We are ready to contract and support." We need to move towards having livestock factories. Attention should be paid to the field of agriculture, food security, and the supply of livestock and poultry feed, given the latent and abundant capacities that our country has in these fields, among technology activists, researchers and academics, and most importantly all investors.

He continued by stating that the mentioned projects are supported in the form of knowledge-based and creative companies in the private sector: the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology has taken serious steps in the development of companies and commercialization of innovative and creative ideas on the agenda.

Establishment of 20 nuclei of knowledge-based and creative

The House of Creativity and Innovation of the University of Guilan has been established after the visit by the Vice President of Science and Technology in 2020, with a credit of 40 billion Rials by the Vice Presidency of  Science and Technology with an area of 1900 square meters.

Academics and technologists who have innovative and creative ideas in various fields are attracted to this house and the ground for investment and commercialization of Verna accelerator ideas which is active in the field of creative industries and 3 creative industry teams in the acceleration process. Also, the technological research and development units of 3 companies are located in this innovation center.

The knowledge-based and creative nuclei located in this creative and innovative house benefit from acceleration services, consulting, laboratory services and prototyping, investor attraction, and commercialization.

In the House of Creativity and Innovation of the University of Guilan, there is a total capacity of 20 technology and creative teams, and an effort has been made to make the space allocated to these nuclei cumulative and shared so that while interacting with each other, the capacity of team building and work benefit jointly.

During the visit, 15 technologies in the field of smart agriculture and the development of organic products and food security were presented to the Vice President of Science and Technology. Also, teams active in the field of the industry presented their ideas. Sattari was also briefed on the progress of the executive plan for the development of the Gilan Innovation Zone.

The Vice President of Science and Technology, who visited Gilan province this morning, will continue to visit the Gilan Innovation Factory, the joint workspace of the province's Science and Technology Park, the Gilan Creative and Innovation House, and the Cube Innovation Center.

Communication and Information Center in the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology

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