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"Homara" creative and innovation house was opened; Sattari: Production of products and services in the field of creative industries flourished; Creating creative companies is facilitated

In the presence of the Vice President of Science and Technology and the Secretary of the Office of Soft Technologies and Creative Industries Development, three houses of creative and specialized innovation were opened, which work in the fields of content production, animation and media, education, and learning, and children and adolescents.

After visiting the startups located in these houses, Sorena Sattari talked to the managers of startups and companies and promised to solve the challenges and problems in this field.

Activity of 70 creative and innovation houses

According to Sattari, there are currently about 1,400 creative companies operating in the country. . Launching creative and innovative homes is a step towards expanding the activities of these companies and boosting the production of their products. Also, about 70 creative and innovation houses have been set up in the country.

 The Vice President of Science and Technology also stated: "These centers will be opened to strengthen the ecology of cultural and creative industries and help to facilitate and accelerate the formation of creative companies."

 Scope of activity of Hamara Creative and Innovation House

The House of Creativity and Innovation is active in the field of content production and audio-visual media, and currently has 20 established teams and 10 creative telecommuting teams in its heart. . A collection that has a history of producing media content in the form of audio and video, making promotional films and holding conferences, specialized video and audio studios and a mobile imaging unit and is known as one of the best-equipped collections in the private sector.

 Live TV broadcasting, documentary programming, live internet broadcasting, studio programming, advertising clips, and themes are among the areas of work of this specialized center.

 The Silk Road Creative and Innovation House, which was inaugurated today in the presence of the Vice President of Science and Technology, is also a platform in the field of technology and educational innovations that can establish 10 creative companies.

The Creative and Innovation House for Children, Adolescents, and the Danadel Family was another center that opened today. The scope of activity of this house is creative and innovative; Children, adolescents, and families. In this center, there are 6 creative teams in the field of children and psychology and the production of intellectual games, and 7 teams in the fields of national games and combined physical and motorsports, and 3 teams in the field of producing toys and child platforms. Adolescents are active

 In this visit, Parviz Karami, Secretary of Soft Technologies and Creative Industries Development of the Vice President for Science and Technology, and Seyed Mehdi Sadat Hayat Shahi, CEO of the Creative Industries Research and Technology Fund, accompanied the Vice President for Science and Technology.

Communication and Information Center in the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology

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