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Today : Thursday Aug 11 2022
Service information
  • Service name : Support of researchers & elites (saraamad) of the country
  • Service code : 13011610000
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  • Service time : office hours
About service

The Iran Saraamad (elite) Federation has been established to achieve scientific authority, increasing the scientific quality of the country, and contributing to the development of research of valid researchers. This federation identifies scientific elites (saraamad) among those with valid research ability and supports them in two A and B groups. In this regard, support is made in the form of paying research grants, laboratory grants, supporting companies in valid international congresses, and recruiting post-doctoral researchers. Elites (saraamad) are those who have valid research activities and scientific achievements in the last few years. Indexes demonstrating the research activities (not research activities) are used to recognize these individuals.

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Contact with the Service Officer

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