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Today : Thursday Aug 11 2022
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  • Service name : Development of technology concomitance & development of technical power & sectional engineering
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The big market, along with the unique natural resources of the country, has encouraged many foreign companies to enter Iran that have attempted to enter this market and sell their products and services over the years. Unfortunately, improper privileges have been obtained from the foreign parties in exchange for the granting of this market in many cases, and this process has not led to the development of the domestic market similar to other countries. On the other hand, the potential and actual capacities of experts and knowledge-based companies have laid the foundation for a great leap in various knowledge-based economy fields. In order to use these capacities and develop the technological abilities of domestic and knowledge-based companies through technological learning, “the constitution of technology concomitance and development of domestic abilities in international contracts and important national projects” has been defined and approved in the headquarter of economy of resistance to make the important and sensitive economy and technology transfer and localization knowledge-based and has been issued to the executive organizations. In this regard, 40 important national contracts have been approved and implemented in the council of economy after the approval of technology concomitance. The second step involves signing memorandums of understanding between the Vice-Presidency and four ministries of health, communication and technology information, energy, and agriculture in 2016 based on the prioritized programs of the economy of resistance and with the goal of development of production and demand for knowledge-based products. In 2017, ministries of oil and road and urbanization were added to the mentioned ministries.

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Contact with the Service Officer

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