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Today : Thursday Aug 11 2022


The security and information statement has been published to protect the network and information of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs against domestic and foreign threats and to provide a safe environment for users to have access to public information. The statement has been prepared and implemented at the highest security and management level in the Vice-Presidency. This document summarizes how to implement and control security on the Internet and all parts of the Vice-Presidency’s portal, and the mentioned points will be revised and some new points will be added to the statement over time and by changing the structure and developing various parts.

In this regard, the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs will be committed to:

  • Implement an information security management system based on the necessities of standards
  • Lay the necessary infrastructures to prevent any cyber threat
  • Evaluate the safety of software and apps and web design services
  • Identify and define the users’ access levels accurately
  • Teach and inform employees related to cyberspace about security points:

Reporting the theft, destruction and disclosure of private information

Using strong usernames and passwords to enter different sections of the portal

Failure to disclose confidential information

No illegal changes to the data and documents of the Vice-Presidency

  • Respond quickly to information security incidents and events
  • Reduce risks caused by the illegal use of the information and resources and prevent the loss of sensitive and vital data
  • Develop executive programs and goals and control access to goals in the field of information security by the relevant departments

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