Principled Goals and Responsibilities

Principled Goals and Responsibilities


In the name of God

The principled goals and responsibilities of the scientific and technological department of presidential office



- Promotion of the national power, production of wealth and improvement the quality of people's life through increasing technological capabilities and innovation in the country

- Promotion of "national innovation system" and completing the components and its chains

- Development of "knowledge-based economy" through intersectional and intersystem coordination and synergy 

- Promotion of relations among "knowledge", "industry" and "society" and facilitating the exchanges between the technological and innovation supply and demand sectors

- Commercialization of the technological and innovative achievements and the development of the knowledge-based companies

- Development of the strategic and nationally-prioritized technologies stresses in the country's comprehensive scientific plan

- Advancing the international scientific, technological and innovative relations and the development of scientific and technological diplomacy 


Main responsibilities:

1) Planning, intersectional cooperation and synergy in the "national innovation system" to materialize the knowledge-based economy

2) Coordination and synergy among the plans for developing the country and the macro policies for the development of the country's science and technology

3) Policy-making and planning for providing financial resources in the scientific, technological and innovative system of the country

4) Targeting, guidance and development of the applied, demand-oriented and mission-oriented researches and helping their commercialization

5) Development of technology, strengthening commercialization process and supporting the knowledge-based institutions and companies and the design engineering companies

6) Supporting the expansion of research and development activities in the country and promoting the "technological management" power in the knowledge-based companies

7) Future-tracking and observing technology, development of technological information centers and creating and organizing general and specialized technique markets

8) Supporting the creation and strengthening the scientific, technological and innovative infrastructures

9) Promotion of technological entrepreneurship and improving the atmosphere of knowledge-based business and guiding the country's capitals towards the production of goods and knowledge-based services

10) Development of risk-taking investment and providing necessary finance in the knowledge-based economy. 

11) Helping the promotion of intellectual property system and the standard system in the scientific, technological and innovation fields

12) Helping the promotion of media and culture-making activities in the scientific and technological fields

13) Supporting the creation and empowerment of the private associations in the field of goods exports production and development and knowledge-based services

14) Taking necessary measures to develop the scientific and technological priorities of the country's comprehensive scientific plan

15) Guiding "the strategic technologies headquarters" and "knowledge, industry and market centers"

16) Supporting the spread of the superior technologies in the existing industries and guiding the implementation of "macro technological and innovative plans" in the strategic pivots and main needs of the country

17) Stimulating demand, market-making and market guaranteeing for the internal productions and marketing and exporting the knowledge-based goods and services

18) Development of science and technology diplomacy and international relations and developing the foreign investment in the knowledge-based plans, guiding the Iranian human resources and finances outside the country and development of the international science and technology networks, specially the Muslim world, through cooperation and coordination with the relevant bodies

19) Observing the international opportunities to develop technology, specially identifying and achieving the newly-emerged technologies through cooperation and coordination of the relevant bodies

20) Development of the identification, attraction, transfer and spread processes in the country through cooperation and coordination with the relevant bodies

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