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High lift; On the importance of creative industries

Parviz Karami *

In 2019, the international authorities announced the average oil production in the world, 75 million barrels per day. Oil prices have fluctuated between $ 60 and $ 70 this year, which averages $ 65 a barrel. If we multiply the daily oil production figure by the average price, it becomes 4 billion eight hundred and seventy-five million dollars a day. Well, now let's multiply the number of days in the year, which is 365. That's 1,779 billion and 375 million dollars. This figure is the annual income of all oil countries in 2019.

In 2020, due to the outbreak of the Corona virus, oil markets suffered a sharp decline in both production and prices. This year, the situation is almost the same as in 2019. Remember these numbers, because I want to talk about the most important topic. More important topic; "Creative Economy and Cultural Industries".

 Statistics show that the creative industries and cultural products and soft technologies with the capacity to produce two thousand two hundred and fifty billion dollars have economic value and create about thirty million jobs in the world. Let's go back to our calculator; The world's creative economy has created more than $ 470 billion a year in wealth. All these figures are visible in the official world authorities and there has been no manipulation of the statistics.

Why are creative industries important?

I brought these numbers more for those for whom the economy is more important. That is important. However, the component that I think is more important and valuable than these numbers is culture, identity, vitality, tranquility, security, environment and other related topics. The cultural industry has all these good things with it, and it does not have all the bad things that oil and the oil economy are suffering from.

Creative industries and cultural products, although in our dear Iran, have a long and ancient history, they have been deposited due to the changes and developments of the past years and also the extreme impact of the resource-based economy, especially oil, our long-held assets are often forgotten. From the Choghaznabil building in Khuzestan to Pasargad in Shiraz and the burnt city in Sistan and the Shams al-Amara mansion in Tehran, which are more than three thousand years apart, there are thousands of signs that prove that we Iranians have a big hand in the fire of creative economy. We have economic creativity.

However, avoid this dependence on oil and land and underground capital. Oil opium, in the last hundred years, has cut us off and prevented us from using our abilities agile and fresh. But in recent years, with the sharp decline in the value of oil, the poison of this dependence and addiction, has been slowly expelled from our bodies, which when we look closely, we see the economic problems and suffering in this period, the result of quitting and getting rid of oil opium.

We see that our enemies and opponents could not do whatever they wanted with sanctions to force us to surrender. We see that today we have been able to have the upper hand in the region and our scientific and technological advances are updated one by one. But all this is not enough. In the face of our historical, cultural and scientific richness, what has happened is not convincing. We know that our place is not here. Creative and knowledge-based economics can affect and enhance our agility and agility.

That is why we say that knowledge-based economics and creative industries are very important. Soft technologies and creative industries influence innovations. It helps the free flow of ideas, facilitates the creation of new concepts and accelerates innovation. On the other hand, cultural influence is also manifested through the creative industries. Accordingly, the diversity of our indigenous and national culture is preserved, we can actively and efficiently defend our culture, and also export our Iranian-Islamic culture to the world in an attractive and efficient form and image.

 These bring us a lot. The wheels of our economy and employment will spin faster and sustainable prosperity will be achieved. As a result, wealth is produced in its purest form, the market turnover will be faster and more voluminous, our foreign exchange will increase, and as a result, poverty alleviation will be achieved, in which case the seal will be Sustainable development will be visible and eternal.

We can?

In addition, the social impact of the creative industries and soft technologies is so important and valuable that smart and forward-looking government officials will never lose sight of it. What industries and creative economics can bring to our society is the shining diamond of self-confidence. "We can" and "strong Iran" emerge.

Solidarity and unity will also prevail among all citizens, and as a result, public culture will be promoted. It is in such circumstances that we can call ourselves a powerful, dynamic, revolutionary and prominent society. All these benefits and fruits of economics and creative industries, on the one hand, will give us lasting authority and security, and on the other hand, will provide us with a healthy and growing environment, and a strong economy. All of these claims have been proven in practice and can be seen in successful examples in countries such as South Korea and Australia. However, many other developed and leading countries in the world are constantly working in this field and have achieved remarkable achievements.

 Now that the importance of creative economics and soft technologies is provable, it highlights the role of elites and leaders in the field. Elites, by penetrating the heart of people's lives and tastes, can cultivate creative thinking in the minds of society, so that people can taste the usefulness of creative industries in their lives. The best way is to establish and set up creative companies, which, considering the beginning of the formation of the ecology of cultural and creative industries, these companies are pumping new blood in the veins of progress and rethinking practical knowledge.

The houses they build

Recently, with the help of the Culture and Knowledge-Based Economy and Soft and Creative Industries Headquarters, creative and innovative houses have been set up in the provinces, and technology is being set up, and with the completion of the creative ecosystem process in the country, the number of these houses Is also added. These houses know the way. They show the way to the owners of ideas and creative people and prevent the diversion and waste of entrepreneurial talents and energies. They are home to start-ups, provide support consulting infrastructure, and work to empower startups. By completing this ecosystem, we will have a sustainable economic resource dominated by human resources and land resources. And underground, they take on the role of support and fall short of the role of making us dependent on themselves.

Creative economics has one important aspect, and that is its human-centeredness. If this economy runs properly, the society will be associated with vitality and vitality, and whenever the society has vitality and happiness, it will be a dynamic and powerful society. Under these circumstances, investing in ideas and creativity finds its way into people's portfolios, and anyone can be both creative and support the creativity of others. The result is a win-win situation.

 At present, Iran's share of the turnover of the creative economy in the world is about $ 100 million, which is not compatible with our resources and capabilities. One of the reasons we can't solve our problems quickly by knowing their problems and solutions is that we are person-centered. And the lack of a complete production chain from idea to product and from product to market and export. I emphasize again that if the chain and ecosystem of creative industries and soft technologies are formed in our country, many of our cultural, social, economic and even political problems will be solved.



Hurry to our aid

But here we have a big problem; Although creative companies are the driving force behind the ecology of the creative industries and their main constituents, they do not have the support of any upstream or large document. This is a big problem and vacuum. In this regard, with the help and efforts of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution, the Cultural Vice Chancellor of the Knowledge-Based Economy has prepared a "National Document for the Development of Cultural and Soft Technologies" and is now ready to announce it in the office of the President. We hope that this announcement will be made as soon as possible so that we can witness an important and great opening in the process of completing the creative bio-industries.

Considering the national, indigenous and regional capacities of the country in various fields of cultural industries, we have the same demands from the esteemed members of the Islamic Consultative Assembly; Consider the contribution of creative industries and companies in the design of the production leap of knowledge-based economy. This attention can shine a light of hope on the hearts of the owners of creative ideas and businesses and benefit the society from its many fruits. Along with the support of esteemed representatives, chambers of commerce also play a decisive and facilitating role in the ecological economy ecosystem.

 Remember that creative economics can create a positive, low-cost, high-efficiency system and process for the general public. Soft technologies and cultural and creative industries are what our defensible history and civilization has. Considering the historical, cultural, human and geographical resources of today, it can be said with certainty that the formation of a creative economic ecosystem will be one of the most necessary and, of course, one of the most blessed tasks for Islamic Iran. Everything is ready for our pride and it is enough to say louder: "We can".


* Secretary for the development of soft technologies and identity building headquarters

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