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Sinai surgical robot heads to fourth most populous country in world; Sattari: We are ready to export Made in Iran medicine and medical equipment to Indonesia

In the presence of the Vice President of Science and Technology, a contract for the export of Sina surgical robots and the establishment of two advanced remote robotic surgery skills centers was signed virtually in Indonesia.

Vice President of Science and Technology Sorena Sattari virtually hosted Indonesian Health Minister Buddha Gonadi Sadikin. A delegation led by Indonesian Deputy Health Minister Prof. Abdul Qadir also met with the Vice President of Science and Technology to discuss increasing bilateral cooperation.

 The main purpose of the trip was to sign a contract for the export of Sina robot surgery and to establish two centers for advanced remote robotic surgery skills in Bandung and Djokjakarta. In this bilateral meeting, a contract was signed between Sina Robotics Company (Iranian side) and Indofarma (Indonesian side). Also, in the presence of the Vice President of Science and Technology, the executive document was signed between the Nano Headquarters and the Deputy Minister of Health in Indonesia.

Noting that in 2019 there was close cooperation between the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia and the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology, Sattari said: "Since then, at least 4 events in the health sector have been held with the cooperation of the two countries."

The Vice President of Science and Technology continued: "I am aware that during this period, a number of face-to-face meetings were held between Iranian knowledge-based companies and Indonesian companies, and this has led to the formation of technical and commercial cooperation between them." We hope that this cooperation will increase and continue until 2021.

 According to the head of the National Elites Foundation, the establishment of two robotic remote surgery centers at the Hosn-e-Sadeghin General Hospital in Indonesia and greater cooperation in the field of technology exchange between the two countries are also among the benefits of this two-way relationship. The agreements are also set to create a joint accelerator between the two countries to further develop medical biotechnology startups and move them towards commercialization.

Sattari added: "Our effort is to continue this cooperation in the form of development of robotic telephoto surgery technology, development of laws and regulations related to digital health, development of related infrastructure and biotechnology drugs and API."

Sattari added: "Also, in the field of production of new coronavirus control and treatment drugs, Iranian knowledge-based companies have significant successes." Currently, more than 400 high-tech Iranian pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies are operating in this field.

"We are ready to start a bilateral scientific and technological partnership in the field of health with Indonesia, and any cooperation in the field of joint ventures, technology exchange in various scientific fields, cooperation," he said. Develop academia and implement research projects between the two countries.

 Sattari continued: "We have a permanent exhibition of Iran's progress and capabilities in the field of health, especially Corona, which you can visit." The conditions for visiting capable Iranian knowledge-based companies are also provided for you.

The Vice President of Science and Technology also said that Iran is ready to export all products, drugs and equipment produced in the country in the field of Corona to Indonesia. We can even produce these products in your own country. Hold coordination meetings over the next 10 days to shape this collaboration.

"Iran and Indonesia have many cultural, historical and civilizational similarities, and we hope that future cooperation will bring the two countries closer," said Indonesian Health Minister Budi Gonadi Sadikin.

He added: "In the current crisis, we must help countries to overcome this crisis by applying the best policies."

"We need to buy medicine from Iran," he said. Drugs with sophisticated and practical technology. We also want to buy Iranian medicines in the field of coronary heart disease.

Abdul Qadir, Deputy Minister of Health of Indonesia, also said in this meeting: "Considering the high area of ​​Indonesia and our difficult access to patients, we will make good use of the Iranian Sina remote surgery robot and it has a great application for us."

"This robot can help us remotely treat Indonesian patients anywhere in our country," he added.

The event was also attended by Valiullah Mohammadi Nasrabadi, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Indonesia, and Octavino Alimuddin, Ambassador of Indonesia to Iran. Simultaneously with this meeting, surgery on the animal was performed live at Imam Hospital and the contract for the export of the Sina surgical robot was signed (online) in the presence of the officials of the two countries.

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