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Women's Affairs

Acquaintance with the area of women’s affairs: Attention to the position of women in the developmental programs is of paramount importance since the cooperation of women in various economic, political and cultural areas is recognized as an important factor for human and sustainable development in determining the level of development. On the other hand, overlooking the position of women as half of the human resources will decelerate the development pace of the society. In addition, the entrepreneurship of women is considered a unique and great resource for future economic growth. According to the latest statistics, women make up over half of the Iranian population. The male-female university attendance ratio is equal, which demonstrates the potential of graduated women that should become actual. On the other hand, insignificant presence of women in the knowledge-based and startup field as a founder is due to personal, social, and cultural barriers, which exist all over the world and must be removed with the help of the relevant units and organizations, especially women themselves.

Providing the necessary space and infrastructures for entrepreneurial women who have ideas will lead to an opportunity to enter the field as business founders and participate in the economic, cultural, and social development of the country, which will ultimately lead to wealth and value creation in the country.

Today, women's growth and prosperity as future mothers will have a positive impact on the a future entrepreneurial generation. Therefore, these women will play a key role in their family and must not be deprived of social and cultural benefits.

With regard to the importance of this topic and the approach of the Vice-Presidency in this regard as a government arm, the women’s affairs field of the Vice-Presidency was established in October 2017 and started its activities in the form of empowering programs for creative and technological women in order to promote and consolidate the role of women in the ecosystem of innovation and technology of the country and lay the foundation for support of creative and entrepreneurial activities of these individuals.

This program is followed up in three areas of modeling, promoting the infrastructure and networking to lay a suitable foundation for more presence of creative women in the ecosystem of innovation and technology of the country.

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