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Today : Tuesday Oct 19 2021
knowledge-industry-market coordinating office of urban rail transport
  • Address : Unit 52, 5th Floor, Block A, No. 62, Karim Khan Commercial-Administrative Complex, Before Haft-e Tir, After S Kheradmand St., Karim Khan Zand St., TehranPostal code: 1584854717

  • Phone : 77240211

  • website : http://urtcorp.org/

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Considering the growth of urbanization and the expansion of cities in the country, the existence of an efficient and reliable urban transport system is one of the main concerns of the government authorities and the expectations of the people. The urban rail transport is a modern, efficient, safe, fast and eco-friendly system and can help to solve the problem of traffics and air pollution as an acceptable system. Some of the examples of this system in the country include metro, monorail, and light rail transportation (LRT) system. The knowledge-industry-market coordinating office of urban rail transport is a scientific and specialized unit, the major responsibility of which is linking science and technology production centers, center for the production of products of the urban rail transport industry, and services related to the municipality and urban rail organizations. This market fully exploits all national capacities and international communications to expand and localize the rail transport industry. In addition, the office has provided an opportunity for all players in the field of urban rail transport of the country and related foreign companies to express their products, services, needs, and demands in a friendly and completely professional space and benefit from the synergy and cooperation with other members in line with the association’s goals. In addition, the association has aimed to provide specialized education, distribute the relevant news, hold conferences, seminars, round tables, and provide specialized counseling to deliver valuable services to the association’s members. The knowledge-industry-market coordinating office is the place for interactions of professors, researchers, students, industrialists, transport custodians, government authorities, and urban rail transport counselors with the goal of providing an opportunity for growing and solving problems.


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