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Today : Thursday Jan 20 2022
Water, Drought, Erosion, and Environment Technologies Development Headquarter
  • Address : No. 20, Ladan St., North Sheikh Bahaei Blvd., Molasadra Blvd., Vanak Sq., Tehran

  • Phone : 83532313

  • website : http://en.ab.isti.ir/

Technology & Development Headquarters

Technologies have enabled human to give up a hunter–gatherer lifestyle supported a few million people globally in an effort to pursue a modern agriculture which has to feed more than 8 billion people by 2040. Environmental degradation influenced by human activities has led to reduction of quality of resources such as air, water and soil; destruction of ecosystems; extinction of wildlife; and increasing pollution. More food per unit of land, water, and agrochemicals must be produced using new technologies in future. Efforts to counteract these challenging problems include environmental protection, environmental resource management, and higher food production by developing new technologies.

It is a major challenge to reverse degradation of ecosystems while meeting the increasing demand for the related services. The technology that has conquered the earth should also spare it. What technology has to do with four paramount resources, i.e. energy, materials, land and water? Technology must grow faster than demand and should provide abundant green goods and services with clean processes. So, the message from history is that technology wisely developed and used can spare the earth.


Water, Draught, Erosion, and Environment Technologies 

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