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Today : Thursday Jan 20 2022
Tehran Innovation Network
  • Address : Tehran - KM20 Damavand Road - Pardis Technology Park - Seraj Complex

  • Phone : 76250036

  • website : http://tinet.ir

Affiliated Entities

In line with the decree by the vice president for science and technology affairs regarding the empowering of creative and knowledge-based companies, as well as elites, inventors, and innovative individuals and teams, contributing to the commercialization of knowledge and technology, and networking the active elements in the ecosystem of technology, innovation and entrepreneurship, “Tehran Innovation Network” has been established with the approach of development of knowledge-based economy. By the active presence of technological and knowledge-based companies, this network has been able to provide the necessary foundations for presenting business services and develop virtual health and insurance markets, as well as a technomart, and human capital. Known with the abbreviation of Tinet (Tehran Innovation Network), the network provides legal support and benefits and commercialization services to its members by supporting knowledge-based companies, innovative individuals, and technological and innovative organizations. Moreover, the network has provided a suitable foundation for the development of innovation and technology ecosystem and the necessary capacity for the development of knowledge and synergy of a chain of an idea to market. Nonetheless, the network is not content with just providing legal support and will create an opportunity for exchange and synergy of all elements, especially the private sector, to develop the ecosystem of innovation and technology.

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