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Today : Tuesday Oct 19 2021
Soft & Identity-making Technologies Development Headquarter
  • Address : No. 20, Ladan St., North Sheikh Bahaei Blvd., Molasadra Blvd., Vanak Sq., Tehran

  • Phone : 83532288

  • website : http://en.stdc.isti.ir/

Technology & Development Headquarters


In the future, the soft and cultural assets of the nations will shape their position and authority. The remarkable advances in hard science and technology during the twentieth century, which resulted in the economic flourishing of so-called advanced societies, met the intrinsic human needs in a way that they can focus on their higher (spiritual) needs. Meeting these needs requires the development of a new branch of science and technology called soft and cultural sciences and technologies, the purpose of which is recognizing the mental and emotional aspects of mankind as much as possible, finding ways to enhance the mental and spiritual well-being of human beings, and establishing a better relationship between people and the environment. It is notable that the environment becomes more complicated due to advances in hard sciences and technologies. As hard sciences and technologies lead to the formation and development of the large family of hard industries (often factory-based industries), soft sciences and technologies form soft industries, the products and services of which contribute to the promotion of people, increase of life quality, and evaluation of the relationship of the people with the surrounding environment. There are various types of soft industries, one of the most important of which is the “creative and cultural” industries. These industries together form the "creative economy". Creative and cultural industries have developed so much in recent years that some futurists consider the fourth wave beyond the age of information and knowledge to be the creativity or age of creative and cultural industries. In this regard, the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs attempted to form a headquarter called the soft and identity-making technologies development headquarter so that the necessary integrations could be carried out to develop and commercialize soft technologies.



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