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Today : Tuesday Oct 19 2021
Service Accountability of Knowledge-based Counseling Center
  • Address : No. 20, Ladan St., North Sheikh Bahaei Blvd., Molasadra Blvd., Vanak Sq., Tehran

  • Phone : 83534

  • website : http://crm.isti.ir/isti


Service Accountability of Knowledge-based Counseling Center

In terms of requesting for the use of support and facilities, one of the problems of the applicants is lack of familiarization with the relevant regulations and processes, which causes multiple referrals to the center of knowledge-based institutions and companies. Meanwhile, in-person referral to the mentioned center is difficult for companies and individuals from other cities. Therefore, the center for knowledge-based institutions and companies of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs aimed to establish a knowledge-based counseling center to create a fair opportunity for all individuals and companies to learn about the issues related to the assessment and support of companies through phone calls (Phone No.: +982183534) or via accountability system of (CRM.ISTI.IR) so that the problem of in-person referral is sorted out for companies, with the exception of special cases. 

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