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Today : Friday Jan 21 2022
National Technomart of Iran
  • Address : تهران کیلومتر 20 جاده دماوند پارک فناوری پردیسPardis Technology Park, KM 20 Damavand Road, Tehran

  • Phone : 76250250

  • website : http://techmart.ir/

Technology & Development Headquarters


Technomart is interpreted as the technological market, which is the place for the exchange of technology. As housing markets are the place for trading houses and real state agencies are the information and legal brokers, technomarts in the technology market of the country play a mediating role in delivering technological information to “suppliers”, “demanders”, “entrepreneurs”, and “investors”. In addition, counseling is provided regarding the technology transfer stages. The production of technomarts dates back to two decades ago (end of the 70s) in East Asian countries. Countries such as Japan, China, and Hong Kong, which are not technology producers and mostly use the technology transfer strategies, aimed to create infrastructures that were later recognized as Technomarket or Technomart to organize the current of technology transfer. The intricacies of technology transfer have created the need for the establishment of an accurate information mechanism, as well as structured advice and the creation of a platform for the standardization of exchanges, and this role is played by technomarts. In fact, technomarts play a specialized mediating role at various levels along with suppliers (universities, research centers, and research and industry development units) and technology demanders (large industries, small and medium economic agencies, investors, and even universities). With this definition, it could be stated that technomart is a specialized agency for technology trades. In this market, technology sellers have the opportunity to exhibit their ideas and technologies and carry our marketing. On the other hand, it is possible for technology buyers to express their demands and have a higher chance of selection.


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