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Today : Thursday Jan 20 2022
National Plan of Innovation Monitoring of Iran
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  • website : http://innosurvey.isti.ir/

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With regard to the role and position of agencies in the national innovation system and their importance in the economic development of countries, special attention has been paid to this area by decision-makers and policy-makers and measures have been taken to take on the decisions and facilitate the process of advancing innovative goals. Accordingly, custodians of science and technology or statistical centers hold programs such as the “national plan of innovation monitoring” to evaluate the current status of innovation in companies and organizations and recognize the most important barriers to the development of innovative activities. By using the information obtained, they can make effective and targeted policymaking. In line with its mission, the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs has aimed to implement the national plan of innovation monitoring in agencies of the country to improve innovation and technology capacities of the country, move toward knowledge-based economy and improving the ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship. This project is primarily performed to improve the political intelligence through assessing the innovative performance and behavior of agencies in selected fields so that policy implications for managing and directing innovative activities are extracted at the level of agencies and political programs are implemented appropriately. In this round of the national plan of innovation monitoring, 14 selected production and service areas have been evaluated with the goal of collecting innovative data of 2500 companies, results of which have been presented in analytical reports. It is hoped that the results of this report be useful for advancing innovative goals in production and service agencies and employing effective decisions and policies by relevant organizations. 

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