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Today : Friday Jan 21 2022
Nanotechnology Development Headquarter
  • Address : No. 9, Shahid Motevalian St., Shahid Habibollah St., Sattar Khan St., Tehran, Iran Nanotechnology Development Headquarter

  • Phone : 631000

  • website : http://en.nano.ir/

Technology & Development Headquarters

Islamic Republic of Iran has adopted a comprehensive approach in nanotechnology development aiming at creating wealth relying on this emerging technology. As a result, Iran has been able to achieve a sizable share in local and international markets. Timely entrance into the field accompanied with a focus on an endogenous development model in science and technology development has also prepared the grounds for actualization of this objective. Nanotechnology has had, and will have a great impact on all industries worldwide through improving the existing products and creating new ones. Contribution to the global advancements in this field is possible for Iranian scientists through enhancing their technological knowledge, being focused, and continuing their efforts. Policymaking for nanotechnology development in Iran was initiated in 2001. Iran Nanotechnology Innovation Council (INIC) was established in 2003 to ensure coordination and synergy among all institutions and agencies involved in nanotechnology development.In August 2005, “Future Strategy Plan”(ten -year strategy for nanotechnology development in Iran 2005-15) was approved by the government. With the implementation of the future strategy plan and its three supplementary phases until 2015, Iran was ranked seventh in the world in nano-science production and nowadays, this industry enjoys over 29 thousand researchers. On the other hand, more than 460 thousand students are trained in nanotechnology development. Also,157 companies produce 361 nanotechnology- related products and equipment. 60 companies are also providing business development services to diffuse nanotechnology into industry. After the implementation of the “Future Strategy Plan”, the second plan for ten-year nanotechnology development (2015-25) was prepared in 2015 and operated since the second half of the same year. ِ


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