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Today : Tuesday Oct 19 2021
Knowledge-Industry-Market Coordinating Office of Jewelry & Gemstones of Iran
  • Address : Office of jewelry and gemstones of Iran, Iranian Geological Organization, 18th Sarafrazan Blvd, Hor Sq., Mashhad

  • Phone : 05138233053

  • website : http://gemirancenter.ir/

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Today, small and medium industries play an effective role in the development and improvement of economic indicators, such as occupation creation, generation of value added, and the establishment of beneficial job opportunities. Meanwhile, precious and semi-precious stones are of great importance in this field. Some of the relevant benefits of activity in this field include application in various sciences and industries, creating high value added (300-700%), lack of need for infrastructural facilities such as water and energy, lack of dependency to transport industry, per very low employment capita investment (50-100 million Rials), and requiring a small space for generating occupations (maximum area of 2*2 m). Given the occupation crisis in the country, experts of this field, such as Dr. Mohammad Javad Pishbin, have taken steps toward the improvement of this field in the past decade, such as education and training efficient human resources by establishing educational centers, guiding the market toward business based on science principles, defining the necessary standards in the standard and industrial research organization of the country, vocational training organization of the country, and other organizations such as customs unit. The knowledge-industry-market coordinating office of jewelry and gemstones of Iran has been established based on this necessity and special attention of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs by creating a statute approved by the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution and according to the goals and responsibilities mentioned in the statute, registered with the number of 5233.


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