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Today : Saturday Dec 4 2021
Iran Patent Office
  • Address : No. 9, Shahid Motevalian Str., Shahid Habibollah Str., Sattarkhan Ave., Tehran

  • Phone : ۶۶۵۲۳۶۰۲

  • website : https://patentoffice.ir/

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One of the most important necessities for successful commercialization of new technologies and their entrance into the demand market is ensuring the protection of intellectual property rights and ownership rights of innovators and technological companies. As one of the important infrastructures for development, the concept of intellectual properties has been emphasized in the world for more than a decade. In this regard, various conventions and treaties have been formed, all of which focus on the protection of intellectual properties as a significantly valuable resource for modern businesses. Lack of attention to intellectual properties laws, especially the patent system, can cause many losses in domestic and international markets. “Iran Patent Office” considers the needs of the country in the field of intellectual properties, especially the issue of registration of foreign investors, and has established active units in this field in the form of a centralized organization. Established in 2005, the office has been recognized as the intellectual properties unit of the “special headquarters for nanotechnology development”. Since 2014 and with the agreement of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, Iran Patent Office has become responsible for following up the affairs related to intellectual properties area, especially patent registration, in all science and technology fields. Some of the goals of Iran Patent Office include promoting the scientific and technological rank of the country, protecting intellectual properties of technologists or innovative companies, producing wealth from intellectual properties and creating the market for inventions and gaining revenues from them, guiding research centers and companies toward registerable innovations in domestic and foreign markets, and developing specialized human resources in the field of intellectual properties. In addition, Iran Patent Office provides services such as patent registration in valid patent systems of the world (e.g., USPTO and EPO), 90% support of the total registration costs in valid patent registration offices (e.g., USPTO and EPO), providing technical and specialized counseling in the field of writing the text of the standard "draft" of the invention, promoting and distributing concepts and topics related to intellectual properties rights to inform the public audience, empowering the experts of intellectual properties offices of universities and higher education centers of the country, holding educational seminars and workshops of intellectual properties of universities and knowledge-based companies, and forming databases from registered and valid technologies and inventions.


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