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Today : Friday Jan 21 2022
Iran National Science Foundation
  • Address : No. 33, 5th Alley, above the intersection of Jalal Al-Ahmad, North Kargar Str, Tehran

  • Phone : 82161184

  • website : http://www.insf.org/

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History of Iran National Science Foundation:

The Iran National Science Foundation was established in 2003 with the approval of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution. The necessity of supporting researchers and technologists in the country has always been emphasized by policy-makers, in a way that before the establishment of the foundation, another foundation known as scientific research fund of the country worked under the supervision of the first vice president to motivate and support researchers and technologists in the country. The main goal of establishment of Iran National Science Foundation is performing the duties of the national science foundation of Iran. The foundation has carried out effective procedures for more than one decade of activities to support researchers and technologists. Currently, the foundation is connected to more than 26,000 faculty members and research and science centers. The major activities of the foundation in these fields: supporting research and post-doctoral projects, patent registration, research seat, grants, and supporting the formation and development of innovation centers. The most important factors affecting the activities of the foundation have been the support and emphasis of the Supreme Leader on continued activities of the foundation during the first years of its establishment. Recently, the Iran National Science Foundation has seriously followed up the fair geographical distribution of its support facilities in towns since it is believed that the research centers and universities of towns must benefit from the advantages of the foundation similar to the universities in Tehran.

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