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Today : Thursday Jan 20 2022
Intellectual properties market
  • Address : No.1, North Didar St., Haqqani Hwy., Tehran, Iran.

  • Phone : 42150000

  • website : http://en.ifb.ir/

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Given the importance and role of exchange of inventions, innovations, and technologies as a solution to remove barriers to the development and growth of competitiveness of agencies, it seems essential to create the infrastructure and the necessary tools for the development of these exchanges. The intellectual properties market in a new structure in the technology exchange network of the country, designed to supply and exchange the intellectual property examples in a transparent, specialized, and efficient space. In this market, certificates of patent registration, trademarks, and industrial projects are advertised and traded after passing the process of activities such as technical evaluation, preparation of the commercial plan, valuating/pricing, and marketing, and finally, after the confirmation of the supply committee. The market has been designed and exploited with the cooperation of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, Fara Bourse stock exchange, and the registration of deeds and properties at the macro level and with the collaboration of Fara Bourse stock exchange, Pardis Technology Park, and industrial properties organization at the administrative level.


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