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Today : Friday Jan 21 2022
Export Corridor
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Corridor of export development and technology exchange was established in 2014 to develop the export market of products of knowledge-based companies. Some of the essential needs of knowledge-based companies include services facilitating the export of products and education and counseling on export processes. In this organization, attempts are made to recognize and evaluate the active service companies of the field and provide high quality, and effective services to develop the export ability of companies. In this respect, the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs has supported the services of the corridor to create wealth for the society through the export of high-tech products, providing an opportunity to accelerate the export of companies through these services. The support services of the corridor are provided to knowledge-based and creative companies, and export mediators (export management companies, export headquarters, overseas business brokers). Being assessed by ERA is essential to receive the services of the corridor and services are provided based on the results of this assessment. To receive support and services, applicant companies must read the guide on the use of online services and submit their request online. 

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