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Today : Thursday Jan 20 2022
Energy Technologies Development Headquarter
  • Address : No. 20, Ladan St., North Sheikh Bahaei Blvd., Molasadra Blvd., Vanak Sq., Tehran

  • Phone : 83533039

  • website : http://en.energy.isti.ir/

Technology & Development Headquarters

With the first largest gas reserves and the fourth oil reserves in the world, Iran is a global hydrocarbons  giant. The Iranian policymakers, however, are very eager to develop renewable energies to increase energy security, reduce the country’s dependence on hydrocarbons, and realize its growth targets in electricity demand. Iran’s advantageous topography for renewables makes the fulfillment of these objectives pretty realistic and probable for the Iranian government. In addition, Iran boasts a young and educated population and currently, the country is relatively open to acquire the requisite technologies and finance. Iran, therefore, hopes to cut down hydrocarbons and replace them with the clean and renewable energy sources spread throughout the country.

Renewable Energies


The first documented systematic oil exploration and drilling in Iran dates back to early years of the 20th century, making it the oldest in the Middle East. The first oil field in Iran is Masjed Soleyman in southwest. Now, a century later, Iran has gained invaluable experience in oil industry and is a pioneer in the industry. The extensive infrastructure and a legendary reputation is the result of such long history. This is doubly coupled with its 158 billion barrels of proven oil reserves. There are several refineries and oil terminals with an extensive pipeline along the Persian Gulf coast.

The gas industry has a long history which dates back to 1908 when the first oil exploration project was carried out in Masjed Soleyman. Initially, there were quite a few challenges with harnessing natural gas; however, with significant technological advancements and experience gained over time, Iran is currently among the leading countries worldwide in terms of production and gas reservoirs.


Conventional Energies (Oil & Gas) 



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