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Today : Friday Jan 21 2022
Development and advancement cooperation center
  • Address : No. 7, East Avesta Str., Sheikh Bahaei Sq,. Tehran

  • Phone : 61000

  • website : http://en.cpdi.ir/

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The center was established in 1983 with the title of “premiership office of scientific and industrial evaluation and studies” to provide scientific and industrial counseling to executive organizations of the country. During 1989-1999 and at the end of the holy defense, the activities of the center increased in the field of development of advanced technologies due to the necessity of reconstruction in the country. In addition, elimination of the premiership post in the legislation led to the transfer of the office to the presidency center. In 1999, the title of the office was changed to “technology cooperation office of the presidency” to help the process of technology development in the country and expand domestic and international cooperation. Following the expansion of missions and activities in the field of technological innovation and soft technologies, the administrative position of the office was promoted in 2010, and its title was changed to “the center for innovation and technology cooperation”. In 2017 and along with the evolution of missions assigned to this center and with regard to the necessity of the macro view toward progress in the country, the title of the center was changed to “development and advancement cooperation center”. To accelerate the enhancement of the country, the center has improved its previous activities and has put the following topics on its agenda: a) new and strategic technologies, 2) economy of resistance, 3) soft and social mechanisms, 4) international cooperation and opportunities.


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