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Today : Tuesday Oct 19 2021
Cooperation with Non-resident Iranian Experts and Entrepreneurs
  • Address : No. 28, Before Attar Sq., Attar St., After Vanak Sq., Valiasr St., Tehran, Iran

  • Phone : ۰۲۱-۴۰۸۸۴۹۰۰-۹

  • website : https://international.bmn.ir/


The program of cooperation with non-resident Iranian experts and entrepreneurs is carried out to achieve the long-term goals of the scientific vision of the country, benefit from the scientific reservoirs of top Iranian graduates, transfer the knowledge, experience and technological ideas of the non-resident Iranian experts and entrepreneurs inside the country by the international affairs and technological exchange center and with the cooperation of universities, research centers, science and technology parks, knowledge-based companies and growth centers of the country as “special cooperating database”. This program acts as a support plan for research and technology projects, such as post-doctoral dissertations, sabbaticals, determined and guest professors, the establishment of technological businesses, occupation in knowledge-based companies and holding specialized workshops and lectures for effective communication between experts and top science and technology centers of the country.

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