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Today : Thursday Jan 20 2022
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Over the last four decades, cognitive sciences and technologies have proved to be extremely fruitful for human; the 1990s was named “The Decade of Brain”. Nations today invest widely on this new realm of knowledge and compete vigorously to gain a more profound understanding of brain mysteries.

Cognitive sciences adopt a process-oriented approach. Cognitive scholars see human brain as a complex network that receives, stores and retrieves information and it can manipulate or transfer such information. The processed outputs are speaking or locomotion.

Since late 50s and 60s, cognitive scholars focused on mental representations and the processing thereof. That was how a new interdisciplinary field called “cognitive sciences” emerged.

Starting in 1990s, imaging technologies and studying brain using modern devices have given neuroscience a more significant role in advancement of the cognitive sciences.

Early attempts to introduce cognitive sciences to the Iranian society were made by Dr. Caro Lucas, the well-known professor at the College of Engineering, Tehran University in 1996. Through his great efforts, the “Institute for Intelligent Systems” was founded in the theoretical physics and mathematics center called Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences (IPM).

Cognitive Sciences 

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