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Visiting Alborz Aghigh Innovation Garden; Sattari: The art of the country's officials is the development of knowledge-based companies / The activity of creative houses leads to the development of entrepreneurship

The Vice President of Science and Technology, during his visit to the Alborz Aghigh Innovation Garden, emphasized on directing endowments towards the expansion of science and technology.

"One of our great aspirations was to use the existing endowment capacities in the country to develop the field of science and technology," said Sorena Sattari, attending the Aghigh Garden, which has become a place for the development of new technologies and the establishment of knowledge-based companies.

He added: "Today, our wish came true and part of the country's endowments was allocated to the scientific sector of the country."

The Vice President of Science and Technology continued: "The technology and innovation ecosystem of the country has reached maturity and currently more than 7,000 knowledge-based and creative companies are active in the country." Utilizing endowment capacity is essential for the development of this area.

Referring to the lack of space for scientific development in some provinces, Sattari said: "To fill this gap, we can use the capacity of the endowment and provide buildings to these provinces."

The head of the National Elites Foundation, noting that the authority of countries depends on the field of science and technology, said: "Any country that develops its technological power will definitely guarantee its economic and political power." Our art is the development of knowledge-based companies.

Sattari added: "Supporting the youth and their ideas in the country is a good event and a great achievement for Iran." One of its main symbols is the creation of creative houses, which has been achieved by renovating old houses.

 The head of the culture and knowledge-based economy and development of soft and creative industries headquarters continued: "These creative houses are the basis for entrepreneurship development and commercialization of ideas in industries such as fashion and clothing, games, handicrafts, etc.

Referring to the development of the Pardis technology park, Sattari said: "We intend to allocate the unused lands behind this park to the development of agricultural technologies, for which we need the help of the Endowment Organization."

One of the symbols of turning the unused areas of the country for the development of technology and innovation ecosystem is turning the 17-hectare Aghigh garden of Alborz province into a house of innovation. The center has been dedicated to the presence of knowledge-based companies and the Innovation Center with the care of the Endowment and Charity Organization and with the support of the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology.

Communication and Information Center in the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology 

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