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Travel Fars | Two innovation centers were opened in Shiraz

Sorena Sattari, Vice President of Science and Technology, inaugurated two innovation centers in the first part of her visit to Fars province to accelerate the activities of technology and ecology activists in the city.

This morning, the first innovation center of Shiraz University of Technology was opened. There are 7 technology teams in this center that are active in the fields of materials engineering, mechanics, information technology and chemical engineering. In this center, which has been set up with the financial support of the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology, the plans and ideas of students and professors are to be directed towards commercialization. Also at this university, the Vice President of Science and Technology visited an exhibition where the technological products of professors and students were displayed.

 In another part of the university's programs, one of the top entrepreneurs and graduates presented a plan for the Vice President for Science and Technology. A project in the field of waste recovery of electronic components to witness the extraction of precious metals from this waste with the presented innovation.

  Following this trip, the Innovation Center of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences was inaugurated by Sattari.

The Vice Presidency of Science and Technology has supported the establishment of this center. Engineering design, scientific research, prototyping, industrial design, standardization, marketing and ideation are the areas of activity of this center. There are 15 teams and technology companies in this complex and currently 77 people have been employed.

The Vice Chancellor for Science and Technology at the university visited products in the field of health technology in the fields of surgery, electrodes for recording brain and nerve signals, diagnostic kits, health tourism management software, and diagnostic systems with the help of artificial intelligence.

 In the continuation of this trip, Sattari goes to Daneshbanian Andisheh Electronic Pardis Parsian Company and inaugurates the production line of electronic boards.

Shiraz University will host the President of the National Elite Foundation with 3 programs with the titles of the inauguration of Humanities Innovation Center, the inauguration of phase two of Fars Innovation Valley campus and a visit of the Technology Services Center and Quds Tower of the University.


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