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Travel Fars | Center for Innovation and Creativity of Soft Technologies Specializing in Humanities opened; Sattari: The Vice President for Science and Technology supports Shiraz University to be effective in society and the economy

During his visit to Fars province, the Vice President of Science and Technology went to Shiraz University and the Innovation and Creativity Center for Soft Technologies specialized in the humanities was opened.

This center is the first specialized place in this field in the south of the country. Creating a culture of innovation and creative industry activities in various fields of humanities is one of the missions of this center. It also supports and educates teams in areas such as psychology, cognitive science, economics, management, arts and creativity, law, and content production. There are currently 7 teams based in the center and it can deploy 15 teams.

The Vice President of Science and Technology continued: "The events we are witnessing today in universities, creative houses and innovation centers have created innovation areas. These areas form the nuclei of the smart city that transform the city. There are more than 600 technology companies in Sharif Innovation Zone, which are sold for 3,000 billion Tomans. When these areas are formed around the university, the university itself benefits.

The head of the culture-building headquarters of the knowledge-based economy and the development of soft and creative industries, referring to the expenses on the fields of education and research, said: the country's budget has three pillars. Education, Health and Defense. There are many research institutes in the country, but compared to them, technology companies are much stronger. Innovation is not something that goes beyond the government sector and money. Rather, innovation is the work of the private sector and young people who spend time late on their ideas. The product is the result of private sector investment in research. Because the government develops the infrastructure and facilitates basic research.

 Sattari also added: "Innovation centers or innovation factories and creative houses are platforms that bring private sector capital in research." We need these platforms.

The Deputy Minister of Science and Technology also stated: Leading research in developed countries is done by the private sector. An entrepreneur who innovates and produces a product. At present, a good view has been created in the country. Once upon a time, research institutes were set up in the country to solve the problem of the industry. While the government does not conduct research.

Communication and Information Center in the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology

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