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The development of knowledge-based diplomacy, the establishment of Iranian houses of innovation and technology, construction in other countries is accelerating

Iran Innovation and Technology Homes is a place to present the capabilities of technologists. Homes adorned with knowledge-based and creative products.

At present, Iranian innovation and technology houses have been opened in 4 countries: Kenya, Syria, Russia and China, and countries such as Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan are also expected to have these houses.

The development of technology diplomacy is one of the goals of setting up innovation houses and exporting Iranian technology. In each of them, the products of more than 50 knowledge-based and creative companies are located, which have exhibited their products.

Knowledge-based and creative products from various fields such as health and medicine, information technology, machinery and equipment can be seen in these homes.

But in the first three years, the Vice President for Science and Technology supports 50 percent of operating costs to pave the way for companies to establish and export. The management of these houses is with the private sector.

Of course, two main services are also provided to companies. Hardware services, which is the same as shared and specialized workspace, and other software services or marketing and market research and the like.

 The houses also host business meetings to accelerate international export activities and ultimately lead to the creation of new export markets for knowledge-based and creative products.

Communication and Information Center in the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology

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