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The country's scientific leaders were introduced; Sattari: 4,000 elites have been supported; Human resources are the most important asset

The fourth meeting of the country's scientific leaders was held in the presence of Sorena Sattari, Vice President of Science and Technology.

 In this meeting, which was held in the presence of the officials of the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology and university professors and some scientific leaders, different perspectives and results of the program were examined to support scientific leaders.

Sorena Sattari, Vice President of Science and Technology, said at the event: "The fact is that the program supports the scientific leaders to achieve the overall goals of the National Elites Foundation and the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology for culture in society regarding the value of elites, researchers and technology-based human resources." Was founded.

 Referring to the realized programs to develop support for the country's elite spectrum, The head for Federation of Scientific Leaders in the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology said: "The program for supporting and attracting non-Iranian elites has been implemented in the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology for about a year. The beginning of the road has yielded significant results. "Unfortunately, the country's structures are not designed to accommodate the international elite, and we need to change that. For example, an Afghan neurosurgeon recently said that he has to wait in long lines every year for his stay to be extended." Then go to the Ministry of Health and Medical Education to renew his office license and repeat the same process in other institutions.

The Vice President of Science and Technology added: "Recently, another Afghan citizen succeeded in gaining the first rank in mathematics at Sharif University." We have prepared a program to award scholarships to the first 100 people in the Afghan entrance exam, and out of 100 people, 85 have joined the program, 30 of whom are studying medicine. The whole world is trying to attract more elites from other countries, and we must have a coherent plan for this important issue

 Saeed Sarkar, secretary of the Federation of Scientific Leaders in the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology, also said at the conference: "The federation was established on his own initiative and with the support of Dr. Sattari. The issue of scientific authority has its own meaning, and if we want to become a scientific authority, we must take various multidisciplinary measures. It is necessary to plan for winning prestigious world scientific awards such as Nobel and Mustafa (PBUH). The presence of Iranian scientists in important conferences as speakers and extensive scientific exchanges can be considered as one of the preconditions for the scientific authority of the country.

 The Secretary of the Nano Headquarters in the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology continued: "The presence of foreign professors and students for postdoctoral courses and study opportunities in Iran is also one of the measures that will have happy effects." For example, in the field of robotics, we had a student from the prestigious EPFL University in Switzerland who traveled to Iran to study. The publication of authoritative scientific articles and publications, to be cited, is another focus of the work of the Federation of Outstanding Scientists. At present, every year, 100 people are selected as scientific leaders in three groups: L, B and C.

 Mohammad Javad Larijani, director of the Institute of Basic Sciences, while brilliantly describing the role of the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology in the development of science in the country, said: "Dr. Sattari has left a deep and lasting impact in various scientific fields." His repeated pursuits to complete the work and the purposeful allocation of resources by him is another reason for the development of the innovation ecosystem in the country. The project of establishing an observatory in the country was conceived 25 years ago, but was finally implemented with the efforts of Dr. Sattari.

The event was also attended by 38 of the country's top scientists online. Mohammad Taqi Ahmadi, president of Tarbiat Modares University, and Mahmoud Fotuhi Firoozabadi, president of Sharif University, were also present at the meeting.

Sharif University of Technology was honored as the first rank, Tarbiat Modares University as the second rank and the Institute of Basic Sciences as the third rank holder.

Ali Morsali, a faculty member of Tarbiat Modares University, Ali Esfandiar, a faculty member of Sharif University of Technology, and Mohammad Mehdi Sheikh Jabbari, a faculty member of the Institute of Basic Sciences, were also ranked first to third.

 Communication and Information Center in the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology

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